Wow, Halloween Flotsams are like- really cool.

Entry for Flotsam Day! Not a quickie this time so maybe this one will actually get in because- you know- effort. I suppose this one took about an hour. Cell-shaded stuff never takes long, yay.

This was some lining practice. Figured I could use some as I never really use lines and they always look silly. I want to be able to do some decent lines for the tag-swap ^-^


Worst thing I’ve ever made, but I had to hurry.
~30 min.

Wow I realised I really love Kaus though.


Did you know that I really /hate/ colouring?

I have never found a method I like, I probably never will.


Most terrifying stuff I’ve done, ever.

Quickie for Quiggle day.
Quiggles are pretty grisly.


Guys, I’m so torn between these 3 colour schemes for his skin ;-;

  • The first one is nice and vibrant, but the colours don’t really say ‘bog hermit’. Right? They’re more of a ‘nile snake’ thing.
  • The second one /does/, but it’s so monochrome.
  • The third one is a mix between the two, but it might be a bit /too/ murky? I like this one the best though.

What does the tag think? Sorry for bothering y’all but this would be the only place were people would give me suggestions for my shitty arts.



(Perhaps this is handy for the petpet thing I asked earlier)

Here’s a quick 10 min sketch of Udin I drew while also working on another drawing. (I can’t focus on one thing, sadly, hue)

He can switch between having legs and having a snake tail, but the snake version is his most common form. I’m not sure about the colours yet, all I know is that they’re going to be murky, with a lot of colourful body paints.

He makes zombies and casts geases for a living.


Jubjub Day Quickie. Tentacles took longer than I thought they would, though.

Not as good looking as my good ol’ Jubjub Ghnurf, but close.
Kind of messed up the contrasts in this one but eh. I might fix it later. I can’t perceive contrasts well anyway.


Here’s the first one of the quickies I promised, Russet’s Fritti!

Adorable character. Horrible drawing I did here. I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT HE IS DOING? It looks like he’s going to cut off his hand but I realised it way too late. Haha sorry. Hope you find this okay, though :3c


Here’s the finished quickie. It’s okay, eh, hope it’s good enough for the AG.

I was like “cool, older character, defined cheekbones and that jazz” and then I FORGOT.


Here, have my entry for Yurble Day.

Apparently it’s not available as Category so I just put it under the Yurble category. 
You can see where I stopped caring. I decided I can’t do the cutesy stuff and I’ll refrain from drawing such things in the future. 
Not even sure if this one has a chance though, haha. Plus the image I entered is super duper tiny so bye details.